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Protect Your Dock From the Elements

Get a professional dock repair in Lake Charles or Sulphur, LA

Getting wood and water to work together is always a challenge. So it's no surprise your boat dock is showing signs of wear. Don't let damage lead to structural problems. Call Southwest Marine Construction LLC for dock repairs.

We'll find a solution using professional-grade equipment. We also offer preventive maintenance solutions, such as wrapping columns in high-density polythene, to help you keep your dock in good standing for years to come.

Call today to schedule your footbridge, pier or boat dock repair in Lake Charles or Sulphur, LA.

4 signs of a damaged boat dock

Don't ignore the signs of a damaged boat dock. Call our team for a dock repair when you notice:

  • Severe structural damage
  • Splintered or rotten wood
  • Rusted frames or platforms
  • Loose panels or supportive columns

We can also install a retaining wall to support the shoreline and prevent erosion that will weaken your dock. Is your boat lift showing signs of wear? We can fix that too.

Plan your boat dock repair in Lake Charles, Sulphur, LA or the surrounding area now.

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